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Our History

Kids for Tigers has been recognised for its significant impact on public opinion and support for nature and wildlife conservation in India. It has received approval and backing from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Project Tiger, the Armed Forces and several NGOs and individuals involved with conservation both in India and abroad.

In 1999-2000, Sanctuary visited schools across the country to show a tiger film and to collect one million signatures in support of the tiger. The Limca Book of Records certified this as the world's largest 'Save the Tiger' scroll.

Political leaders and well-known personalities were contacted and their support canvassed for Kids for Tigers. In 2001, the then Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee wrote a letter of congratulations to the children and stated, "The tiger is an indication of the environmental health of India… Protecting India's tiger forests will not only save this animal, it will also ensure the country's economic stability."

In 2002, a school contact programme was planned where children would learn why the tiger needs to be saved with the help of 'edutainment' workshops, lessons, activities, projects, tiger fests, nature walks, audio-visual shows, photo-exhibitions and tiger information kits with each year having a specific theme.

The Kids for Tigers programme now helps children of over 300 schools, spread in these 15 cities/towns, grasp the vital connection between the survival of the tiger and the country's future ecological health.

On January 18, 2002, the Prime Minister granted a private audience to 100 'Kids for Tigers', who handed over petition sheets, tied friendship bands, read poems and through their interaction with him, conveyed their concern for the tiger and steps that need to be taken by the government to ensure its survival.

In 2003, by producing greater synergy between the Kids for Tigers website, Teachers' Booklet and Teachers' Workshops, the programme was better 'institutionalised' as a reliable support system for schools.

Mini Melas were held in selected cities that were not part of the Kids for Tigers regular programme.

Eco-days dedicated for wildlife and environmental protection, like World Environment Day – June 5 and National Wildlife Week, October 2-9, were celebrated to heighten the impact of Kids for Tigers.

The Junior Tiger Task Force was set up in March by 12 Delhi 'Tiger Ambassadors' to save and protect the tiger on behalf of the one million children in India.

In 2006-07, the 'Save the Tiger' signature campaign collected 2.7 lakh signatures and presented these scrolls to eminent people. In Mumbai, a representative scroll was gifted to the Governor of Maharashtra, Shri S. M. Krishna. Similarly in Nagpur and Amravati, scrolls were gifted to the PCCF of Maharashtra, Mr. B. Majumdar and other Forest Department officials.

The Sanctuary – NDTV campaign to 'Save the Tiger' supported by Kids for Tigers collected about 5 lakh signatures, which were submitted to the Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh in Delhi in March 2008.



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