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Sri Vani Education Centre School (Bangalore)

A visitor after travelling through the dusty, traffic roads, exclaims ‘Haa’ while entering through the gates of the Science Park. The tranquility of the unpolluted environment, and the greenery fills the heart with joy and enthusiasm to explore the surroundings. Dhanvantrivana has many medicinal plants, creeper covered pathways with colourful flowers is the sight of Lathavana.

The different branches of science and technology are introduced through simple toys, to play and learn in science park with attractive collection of models, exhibits and specimens.

An inquisitive mind can gather information from write ups on display labels. Sri Vani Science Park has the borewell modified for ground water enrichment. The terrace water is collected in a pool and reused. A big artificial pond called “Varshadhara Pushkarani” can store about 3 lakh litres of rain water collected from the open field.

Rock Garden with huge dike and Geology Museum with collection of rocks, minerals and ores. A replica of dinosaurs, fossil-petrified wood 20 million years old are the crown of the park. Mini forest with cemented animals makes one feel the need of more space for forests. Orchidarium is another attraction in Greenhouse. Two vast play fields and spacious, ventilated classrooms and well equipped labs are other facilities for Hanumavanites.

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Nature Trails

A nature trail was held at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens for the students of the Sri Vani Education Centre, Machohalli on 8 January 2012. Thirty-seven students and four teachers attended the trail. Naturalists Sreenivasa, M.B. Krishna and Vishnu led the kids through the park where they spotted a Tailorbird, a Golden Oriole, Blue Rock Pigeon and a Purple Moorhen! They even sighted a Spotted Owlet and spent some time at the Kempegowda Tower!

Creative works by Students

Aprameya M.S.

Who are these?
These lovely friends?
They care for me
But they are not my parents!
They tease me
But they are not my cousins;
They help me
But they are not my teachers
Then who are they?
They are the ones who sustain my life.
East west, north or south,
You find them always with me
Five natural friends are they:

Pranav. N

The natural environment encompasses all living and non living things occurring naturally on earth or same region there of. It is an environment that encompasses the interaction of all living species. The concepts of natural environment can be distinguished by complete ecological units that function as natural system without massive human intervention including all vegetation, microorganism, soil, rocks, atmosphere and natural phenomenon that occur within their boundaries. Universal natural resources and physical phenomenon that lack clear-cut boundaries such as air, land, water and climate as well as electric charge, energy variation.
A Geographical area is “Natural Environment”

Om Kishore

This leaf, so complete in itself
Is only part of the tree?
And this tree so complete in itself
Is only part of the forest?
And the forest runs down from the hill to the sea
And the sea, so complete in itself
Rests like a raindrop
In the hand of god


Hey, you keep on twinkling,
And keep us all smiling;
But why don’t you come here
With all of us your near and dear?!
You twinkle on and on
And do so as long as you can!
You smiling little angel –
You are an eternal beauty!
What a treasure you are,
Who gives us so much pleasure!
The night sky is full of you –
Everywhere like a drop of dew
You make huge constellations,
As the Great Bear or the Orion;
It is beyond our imagination
To understand how you carry on.

Sanjiv S Joshi.

The blossom of the meadow
The dew on blade of grass
Songs of the wind
And mist of the lake
Abolish the somber and gloom of the day
A glint in your eyes,
A beam on your face,
The power of your mind
And the faith in reality
Are just enough to make your living gay and safe …

Tanmayee. M.N

Some very familiar animals including gorilla, African and Asian elephants, the black rhino,
Blue whale, right whale and fin whale.

Tigers are also in serious danger. A century ago there was more than a lakh tigers in the wild but now there are only about 7500 to 8000 tigers in the wild. The reasons would be that their habitat is being destroyed. One more reason is that people hunt tigers for their bones as they are used in making Chinese medicines.

Of the eight known sub-species of tiger, three-the Bali, Caspian and Javan are already extinct. Numbers of the Amur and Siberian, the largest tiger, have fallen to 360-406 in the wild, with fewer than 490 in wildlife parks and zoos. The Sumatran tiger is down to about 610. The Bengal, the rare white tiger, numbers 3159 to 4715 with 333 in zoos. There are only 1227 to 1785 of the Indo-Chinese with 60 in zoos. Rarest of all is the South-China tiger which are about 75 in total.


Do you know the terrific trio?
The water, wind and fire
We’ll learn about them one by one
Along with some rhyme-scheme fun!
Excess of water will make us exasperate!!
Dearth of water will lead to death!!
Water can give life, water can take away life
Hence it leads among the terrific trio.
The wind blows, the wind roars,
Storms occur during the course
Wind can give life! [air – oxygen]
Wind can take away life! [cyclones]
Hence it is among the terrific trio.
The wind gives a helping hand,
The fire bursts out destroying the land!!
Warmth, it gives us!
Death!! It kills us!
It is an active member of the terrific trio.

Sirigouri N A

Oh! My Tiger,
Are you in danger?
I know that you are only few
But what can I do?

You may be the National Animal,
But you are an endangered mammal,
I will give back your forest,
But don’t feel that you are a guest

You maintain ecological balance,
But! Beware of human’s vigilance,
Though you eat zebras and deer,
But you are one of my peers.

I know that hunters
Have lost their senses
Now you are in National Parks
But beware of harmful folks….

I can return your habitat
but destroying it is human’s trait.
I know that you are only few
But we can try to do…


Inter-school Tiger Fest 2010-2011

Skit Competition : I Prize
Mask Making Competition : II Prize


World Environment Day - Inter-school Competition at Smart School on June 6th 2011

Mask Making Competition : I Prize
Spot Painting Competition : I Prize
Poster Making Competition : II Prize
Written Quiz Competition : II Prize

Sri Vani Education Centre School (Bangalore)


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